Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Made it through the night without incident. It was fairly low-keyed, but some decent fireworks! I hope you all survived!
Thought I'd start out the new year with a new quiz. The OsQuiz #2 can be found here. I think it's easier than Quiz #1. All answers can be found within the past year of posts. Good luck to you!
No resolutions to let you know about. They rarely last very long. I am going to try to take care of myself better. Might even have a reason to!
FYI--no more Shameless Christmas Begging until possibly next Christmas. Thank you those who sent something for the "Collection" based upon my Shameless Christmas Begging post. Looking forward to those of you who promised a picture or two as well! Remember--the "Collection" is always accepting submissions--I just won't stoop to Shameless Christmas Begging again for awhile!
Time for a nap!

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