Monday, January 15, 2007

Well, THAT sucked...

It's time to get back to the good times here, people! Post something fun or exciting!
Good news on the symphony job front. My "time of the month", as it were, happens about 10 days before each concert. I get crabby, my posts are usually negative, and people know that I stress out way too much. My main complaint all season is the lack of commitment from many of the musicians. Saying they can play a concert, and then back out at the last minute. Inevitably, things work out fine, and everything is wonderful, other than the ulcer that continues to develop...

Due to some recent resignations and reorganization, I'm going to have my personnel position taken away from me and given to someone else who has the time to do a better job of it. And I'm sure she will give it her best. I, on the other hand, will assume the new position of operations manager, which pretty much means I'll be running the actual production aspect of the concerts (and rehearsals). Alot more physical work involved, and possibly more time, but I'll primarily be working with inanimate objects, and that's always a plus! It's a position that I'm much better suited to, and I won't have to depend on others. And it'll pay me over twice what my current position does. Of course, doubling peanuts will still get you peanuts, but it's more peanuts! I'm a happy camper!
While my two preferred NFL teams won on Saturday, I was screwed twice on Sunday. I terribly dislike the New England Patriots, and anything/anyone associated with them. I think they have been very lucky and highly overrated over the past 5 years or so. I don't have any love for the Indianapolis Colts, either, but if one of these two teams has to go to the Super Bowl, I'd prefer the Colts.

I wish the Seahawks would have won. I don't think the Bears are Super Bowl caliber this year (but then again, neither were the Hawks). That leaves me with the New Orleans Saints. From a dismal season last year, when they didn't even have a home field (thank you Katrina), to being one game away from the Big Game this season is remarkable. I hope they make it all the way!
I found out a great deal of things from/about people this week. Some wonderful, some not so great. Got alot of new people submitting pictures for Mystery Guest and "...the Other HNT". Should be a good week! (but I can always use more!)
It's cold here. Not cold like what the Midwest had this weekend. I'm talking real cold. Evening temps as low as -20 or so. Days that don't get above single digits. With just enough of a hint of a breeze to make the cold razor sharp. But the nice thing about it? It's been bright and sunny all weekend! Single digit temperatures are always much warmer when it's sunny out!
Michelle and I haven't spent much time together since mid-December. I think she's going to kick my butt this week.
To end this lame post, I offer a video that I've posted before. In the spirit of "fun" or "exciting", as mentioned above. My hero.

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