Saturday, January 20, 2007

This is what it's come to...?

Digital recreations have come a long way in changing our visual concepts of commercials, the movies, and all of TV. But have they gone too far? Some examples:

1. What's up with the new Orville Redenbacher commercial?? The guy died in 1995, and now he's the first digital recreation of a deceased individual that can be manipulated to do whatever the programmer wants. I'm not sure I want to eat his popcorn anymore...
Sorry--the video was freezing some computers. You can go see it here, if you dare...

2. I like the Dallas Cowboys. Really, I do. Even in their down years, I've liked them. I like what Tony Romo did for them, too. He was a nice shot of excitement for them. But as a Seahawks fan, his mishandling of the snap in the playoff game was simply wonderful. Kudos for his attempt to get to the endzone. If they had to lose, I'm glad it was to the Seahawks. But this is just wrong--

Stolen from NoOneInParticular, who stole it from Shumpy

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