Thursday, January 25, 2007

Optimistic HNT

Binsk had an interesting post up a couple of days ago about the "most depressing" day of the year. She's got a link to an MSNBC story from 2005 about a British psychologist who used a variety of variables such as weather, debt, resolutions broken, etc. to determine that January 24th is that day. That day, of course, being today (Wednesday).

From what I'm reading and hearing from many of you, there might be some truth in that. There seems to be a grand bit of funkiness going on. And not in a James Brown (R.I.P.) sort of way. In a normal year, I'd be in the midst of that myself. But you know what? It ain't happening here! Alot of the good vibes come from the little things, but they all add up! If this keeps up (and it should), I might very well be looking forward to Valentine's Day! And you all should know how radical THAT would be!!! Some examples:
  • The realignment of duties with the symphony. Means more, but different, work for me, and it's making better use of my skills. More money + less stress = happy Os.
  • Rehearsals have been going well, and this upcoming concert should be outstanding (and we're doing one of my favorite pieces!).
  • My parents are enjoying 3 months in Hawaii. Dad's feeling good, and is working on his golf game (in spite of the fact that his right arm is basically useless).
  • Two bloggers I chat with semi-regularly are currently in relationships that make them extremely happy, and that's infectious.
  • Another one has a new job that has her traveling all over the state. She loves it!
  • My 2-year bloggerversary was last Sunday. Totally spaced it out! My, how things have changed in those two years!
  • I'm still giddy!
  • Bought a plane ticket/hotel package a couple of weeks ago for a highly anticipated trip through (highly recommend this for any of you!). Checked again today, and the same package is $73 higher than what I paid for it (which was a steal)!
  • I got a nice gift in the mail Monday!
  • It is late January in Montana, and we have no snow here in town.
  • It is late January in Montana, and we've been having bright, bright, sunshiny days (cue Johnny Nash).
  • It is late January in Montana, and the temperature was 44 degrees at 9 PM when I took the picture below.
  • The price of gas dropped below $2.00/gallon for the first time in about 2 years on Monday.
Yep, things are going pretty well these days. And it's all the little thing that make it that way!

This week's Mystery Guest is, and I quote, "Sort of a half-assed HNT-er". Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that she blogs from a different part of the world. Sort of. She's currently using a friend's computer, because hers died. Which means I haven't heard from her to see if she wants to reveal herself or not. I'm sure she'd cop to it if you asked her though!

"...the Other HNT" is, as usual, NSFW. We're getting some new people involved, which is wonderful! Be sure to stop by and check out some of your bloggy peeps!
We're low on Mystery Guest submissions once again (I remember when I had to draw names out of 8-10 people!). If you want to be the MG, just send me something! Everyone gets on at some point!
If you haven't noticed yet, it's symphony week, which means I'm not going to be around much until Sunday. Busy, busy, busy! Continue on without me!

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