Thursday, January 04, 2007

HNT By Request

After enjoying the past few weeks of not having to take a picture for HNT, I came up a little dry on ideas. So I did what any dedicated HNTer might do--take requests. For this week--"a reflection, but not in an instrument or a mirror". Hmmmm....what to do...

I looked at all sorts of things, trying to find the right surface. Without much luck. I needed a beer break. And as I'm digging through the fridge, I found it behind me. The microwave! Which also carries a little story. Well, it doesn't, but I can waste your time like no one else!

My mother refused to use a microwave oven. We felt like the poor kids at school because we didn't have a microwave. All the other kids had experienced Spaghetti-os warmed up in the microwave. They'd all had leftovers that had been "nuked". There was a definite part of our childhood that was never to be recovered. Then Dad bought her one for Christmas or Mother's Day or something. I don't think we had a "real" meal again for years! When I left the nest to go out on my own, my mother was more than willing to give me her microwave, knowing that she was going to get a better one for herself.

And today, I'm still using the same one! Almost 35 years later, it works like a dream! Innumerable moves, bouncing around in the back of a U-Haul, 2 or 3 cats that "inadvertently" found themselves baked--it's come through with flying colors!

Not knowing how the microwave pics would work, I had the camera at work too. Here I am taking a picture of me taking a picture with the built-in webcam, nicely centered in my header. Believe me--it's a well-planned shot. Then the best shot of the day--the accidental one on the right. Somedays, the magic happens. Somedays, the days are like today...

I'm SO happy to present this week's Mystery Guest! She was one of the early-day HNTers who has sort of settled into an occasional one here and there. This girl has more secret blogs than should be allowed! And keeping up with her identity from month to month is a chore! She is an avid music lover, and she has a vast collection of CDs, some that I'm waiting for her to put into her will for me. Though I'd bet that her son will get his hands on them first...

This is her first shot at being the MG, and I'm trying to get her to do her first one for the anon site as well. She's waiting for "just the right shot" for that one... I don't believe she's going to reveal her identity, though she might tell you it's her if you ask her.

"...the Other HNT" is back for the new year. Most definitely NSFW on both sides of the gender. Please leave a comment if you wander over there!

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