Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rhanda Johnson

Way back in the late 70s, my best friend and I had just returned to school for our junior year of school. Most of the seniors were out student teaching, so we sort of ran the music dept. We had just come back from lunch, and there she was. A quirkily cute young freshman girl, walking down the hall towards us. She was fearless (later to find out it was more clueless) as she came up to us and asked us where a particular classroom was. After tripping over our respective tongues, the race was on. While she was good friends with the both of us, I think I dated her more than he did. She was a bit naive, and awfully innocent, and neither of us really tried to corrupt her. There were plenty of other fish in the ocean (apologies to those who might be offended by that...).

After I graduated, I moved out of state and lost touch with her. I'd heard stories that she had a daughter and was living in Texas. But in general, I didn't think I'd ever hear from her again. In 1993, I caught a rumor that she had moved back to a small town, near the small town where she grew up. Short story--we reconnected and got caught up. She was the single mother of two teenage girls, trying to keep up her music by giving piano lessons, and singing at a variety of coffeehouse type places. We've kept in touch over the years, during her moves around the state, and through her girls' high school graduations. She's always kept the music as a focal point in her life.

Now that she's been alone for a few years, she's been working on a CD of original songs, and has finally finished it. She's got a webpage here, and you can hear some samples of her songs. They range in style from country to bluegrass to blues to soft rock. I haven't gotten the CD yet myself (I get a freebie!), but I believe that she does most of the guitar work, as well. Go do me, her and yourself a favor and go check her out. There's a link to order the CD, too!

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