Thursday, January 18, 2007

Star Trek HNT

I'm sure that many of us did a lot of soul-searching and reminiscing over the past week. Remembering not just Betcha, but maybe some others that have gone away, either figuratively or in reality. I found myself thinking a great deal about my friends here online. And the things that I haven't taken the time to say to them. Took care of that with a couple of them. :-) That evolved into thoughts about some friends from my high school days (yes, most of them are still alive!), and eventually I got into pulling out old yearbooks and alot of google searching. And that was fun!

I was watching TV the other night. My standard evening TV has been SVU and/or M*A*S*H. Imagine my horror when the Hallmark Channel dropped their M*A*S*H reruns at night. While surfing, trying to find what I might watch (because network TV really sucks), I landed on TVLand. And there it was, in all its re-digitized, remastered glory! The original "Star Trek" series!!! Yes, I can tell you just about every plot. And which crew member will get "phasered" out. And which alien being Capt. Kirk would hook up with next. But I'm not a Trekkie. No costumes or conventions for me!

Last night, the tables were turned a little. It wasn't Kirk that was feeling it--it was Spock that was getting tempted, with a Romulan ship commander. Of course, it was all very intellectual, and Spock ended up using her just like Kirk would, but it was nice to see someone other than James T. getting lucky! This was also the episode that featured the Vulcan Death Grip!! What does this have to do with anything? Just another random thing that falls under the reminiscing of the week (you didn't think I could bring this full circle, did you?).

Sometimes it's good just to kick back and remember the good old days!

I've been waiting a long time for this week's Mystery Guest to submit something. She's been in and out of HNT for awhile, and has had to move around a little bit. Among her various loves, she's a great photographer! Her nature shots are wonderful! She's not bad with her self-portraits, either. She knows guns, drinks beer, and has a secret desire to have a penis, just to see what it's like. She's got some other hidden talents, too! She's going to reveal herself tomorrow afternoon, but feel free to check with her ahead of time!
This week's Mystery Guest is fellow Montanan, No One Special. Stop by her place and say hi!
We've got quite a few submissions for "...the Other HNT". Lots of new faces (so to speak) and alot of veterans who are testing their own limits. This is probably the most NSFW set that we've ever had. And a little something for everyone!
Funny how some short-timers make an impact with their sites. Many of you have asked me about Teri over at "Coming of Age". She closed down her site over the weekend without telling anyone. I'm happy to tell you that we swapped some emails over the weekend, and she's OK. The short version--she took it down to protect her job and her career. She may or may not be back. We'll just have to wait and see.
Hope all of you southerners are keeping warm!

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