Monday, March 27, 2006

Odds and Ends

What a long, busy weekend THAT was! The concert went well. Very well, actually. I was involved in thirteen hours of rehearsal/performance in the span of just over 24 hours. Loved it, but it's very draining! Now I'm way behind on checking blogs, and some real life things too, so it'll take a day or two to catch up. Just in time for HNT!
A reminder to all to send in a picture if you're interested in being the Mystery Guest!
I think it's time to end the OsQuiz. Here's the questions, and the correct answers (with appropriate links to the posts):
    1) I've met up with bloggerfriends in: Nashville.
    2) My first blogger fan was: Lizabeth.
    3) The most recent major concert that I've attended was: The Rolling Stones.
    4) You're most likely to find me drinking: a local microbrew.
    5) The one who has been with me through thick and thin over the past 25 plus years of my life is: Michelle.
    6) My favorite Bacardi Silver flavor: Watermelon.
    7) The major magazine that featured HNT last year was: Business and Economy.
    8) The original Mystery Guest concept came about last fall because of: a stolen camera.
    9) I live alone, with the exception of: my plants. (no specific post about plants, but certainly no mention of a son, dog or fishies, either!)
    10) I've been photographed (in person) with how many different bloggers over the past year? 17. (this one was a bit tricky, but there's at least 11 different people shown with me in this collage, and that didn't include the males in Nashville or Rachel.)
Very few people missed the microbrew question--go figure! The first question about Nashville was missed alot. Surprisingly few got the Michelle question right, either. Popular answer there was Moose, which she appreciated. Except for the fact she's only 28. BTW--she missed it too!
Just a reminder that my birthday is just under 3 weeks away--April 15th.
Sitemeter tells me I'm due to get my 200,000th visitor in the next day or two. Does anyone else find that incredibly insane?
FYI--I'll be heading to the Caribbean for a cruise during the last week of April. My first. I'll be talking all about that in the weeks to come, you can be sure!
Not much more for now....

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