Thursday, March 30, 2006

Really Apologetic HNT

(No, no apologies for this one!)

New red corset - very difficult to get into on my own, and there's nobody here to help me. It isn't very comfortable for sitting around in the sun, but certainly worth a look for any Peeping Tom that might be lurking outside my window. Think you know who I am? Leave me a comment.

Today's Mystery Guest is Susan. Be sure to stop by her place for a bonus corset shot!

This one calls for an apology. Or a warning. Or both. If you know me in real life, this is your one warning not to go any further!

I have never been considered a "skinny" kid. My dad's side of the family was generally big-boned. My mother's side certainly wasn't. I inherited dad's genes in this case. While I was hardly what could be considered obese in high school, I didn't quite have the athletic build that I could have. Weight didn't really start to show up until the fine diet I was exposed to in college (good thing beer didn't contribute to that...).

In my case, weight seems to come in waves. And in response to events in my life. I don't become alcoholic. I don't use drugs. I don't do any of the other vices that I might fall back on to mask the stress/pain/whatever. But I do eat. I've never had a problem with that! I am a large man. Have been for years. I'm used to it. I might not like it at times, but I am what I am. I am aware that my own sense of my body is less than what pictures tell me. Perhaps that's a defense mechanism on my part.

As hinted at last week, I'm posting a picture of my butt. My big pasty white butt. I feel like I might have "cheated" some of you last week with my knee. This picture gives me my first taste of what it's like for some of you to bare your breast for the first time. I don't particularly like what I see, but it's me, in all my glory. I'm rather nervous about this, and can now appreciate what some of you have dealt with in the past. On the plus side, I'm fairly certain that no one's going to be downloading it!

Be sure to check out the early postings by Aughra (looking damned good in chocolate!), Boo, DaMasta and BTExpress (who shows me how it's done).
Again, a reminder - my birthday is April 15th.

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