Friday, March 03, 2006

Secret Little Pleasures

We've all had them. Who hasn't snickered a little when seeing somebody slip on the ice? Or spill a drink on themselves? Or other such things? Or you get the chance to stick it to someone--not in a mean way, or in a large consequential way. Just something that puts a little smile on your face (even though it might be mean, childish or unnecessary).

I had such a moment this morning. As I pulled up to a stop sign (4-lane street), a kid pulls up next to me. I swear he was two blocks behind me as I approached the cross-street. We pull out together, but it's obvious that he's in a hurry. The Game is on! I speed up just a little--just enough that he can't zip in front of me to pass the cars in front of him. We hit a stoplight, but he's stuck a car behind. The light turns green, and I go as fast (slow) as the car next to me. He pulls in behind me, but realizes he's not going to be able to pass, so he goes back. He tries a couple more times. By this time, I've pulled up next to a semi. This is where the fun really begins. I get in front of the semi just far enough to be past it, but not far enough for the kid to sneak through. Add in the series of stoplights, other drivers, and his impatience--and my entire day is being made! My final act was to slow down enough (with him behind me) to let the semi pass me on the right, get into the right lane, and turn off into the parking lot at work. Sure enough, he burned rubber as soon as I had turned into the lot.

As I said, it's the simple things that make me smile. And I had a HUGE smile as I walked into work. I realize that if you live somewhere amongst the crazy people (California comes to mind), you'll get shot doing something like that, but there must be other things! So I put the question to you--

What secret little pleasures do you have that put a smile on your face?

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