Thursday, March 02, 2006

Roguish HNT

The Rogue Performance Festival starts Thursday, March 2nd in Fresno, California. Many HNTers have joined in at Lecram's request. He is one of the co-founders and bigwigs of the whole thing. Even got a proclamation from the city yesterday! It's all about looking at blogging as an artform, in the way that HNT has become. You should check out your fellow HNTers who are participating. They are listed in the sidebar at the HNT @ The Rogue site! And be sure to check out the site for the full Rogue Festival! Congratulations to Lecram, and to Paul for putting together the HNT site!

So I've put up my page of old HNTs here. But I wanted to do a special Rogue picture, so why not go full-nekkid with a potentially HUGE audience? Well, there's plenty of reasons, but dammit, I wanted to do it. Many of my male counterparts have done so, as well as alot of the women. Why shouldn't I? (again...plenty of reasons....) So I set up the camera and everything. Then it dawns on me that all these new people might get confused by the "fullness", so I scribbled out a quick poster about Rogue so that I could hold it to my chest, hence keeping the top part covered, and the bottom half nekkid. So in my glory, I present myself in my full half-nekkidness! NOTE: I don't use Photoshop--I spent FAR too much time setting this shot up!

"Well I will have to say that I am truly honored to be the chosen one to adorn the King's site for this the first Thurday of March and well now! .... how apporpriate... What is most important about March? St. Patrick's day!! And me being the devote Irish woman that I am, I am never without my four leaf clover charm.... I know you can't see but, my Irish eyes are smiling as I knew that Os would be the first to see this pic when I took it. (It was originally taken a month ago for his 'collection' hehe) T-Minus 14 days until we Irish do what we do best and everyone else is Irish for a day, I hope you enjoyed my HNT and thanks to Os for the honor .... MUAH - big sloppy smooches sweet guy!"
Well, it's been a long couple of days, and this is the first chance I've had to post this. This week's Mystery Guest is kb. Of course, if you read through my comments, you'd have seen that she spilled the beans this morning! Some people get SO excited!
If YOU want to be the Mystery Guest, but sure to send me your picture! Don't be shy, and don't delay!
Don't forget to turn off your Word Verification for the day!
Be sure to check out some HNTs that had to go up early--Blondie, Castle and Monkey.
Voting for Summer for 5.0 Mustang Magazine's Babe of the Year continues for another 10 days. I've still been able to vote on a daily basis (even a couple of times/day!). We've helped her jump from #9 to #2. Now we just need to get her over the top! Go to her site and give her your votes!

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