Monday, March 06, 2006

Craziest Drinking Story

Nosouthernbelle gave me a topic, since I had nothing decent for the last post--"My Craziest Drinking Story". Unfortunately, most of my drinking stories aren't really crazy, especially over the past 20 years. I guess that's what happens when one grows up (well, grows older). And before I hear from everyone about the evils of drinking and driving--I know, I'm not terribly proud, but I've been quite fortunate that I've never been in a wreck or even pulled over. I've done it, get over it.

College provided numerous crazy times--my final drink of tequila (19th birthday); my causing public safety issues by driving drunk down two different one-way streets the wrong way and speeding down a residential street at 90 MPH and ignoring 2 4-way stops (22nd birthday); playing strip cribbage all night with my girlfriend (26th birthday)--you get the idea. One summer while teaching in Idaho, I was at a summer theater cast party, then drunk drove home (40+ miles away) over a mountain pass, only to be met eye-to-eye with the headlights of a semi (no, I didn't get hit, but I did end up on the shoulder of the other lane of traffic, and I've never drunk-driven over mountain passes since). I broke into an ex-girlfriends apartment (she was in bed) after a night of partying. I was skinny-dipping in the Yellowstone River near some hot springs when I ran into my sister who was doing the same thing while visiting a friend.

Since turning about 30, the craziness seems to have worn off. Yes, I've had some great times, but nothing that would classify as "crazy". There was a 3-day/2-night weekend drunk in Vegas for my sister's (S2) 40th birthday which included a post-midnight walk from New York, New York to the Bellagio and back to the MGM with S1 (who knew there was a train). Or drinking in the rain with Moose, her husband at the time, and her little sister. That night also included karaoke, which I never do, and driving home in the rain with no headlights (actually, they both burned out on me on the way home--long story).

I'm happy to say that I don't ever remember streaking, nor peeing on a public statue (and getting caught), nor getting arrested, nor anything particularly stupid like that. I think the crazy drinking stories are now a thing of the past for me, and probably for the best. But thanks, B, for helping me fill up a new post!

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