Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ponderings during the day

These were some thoughts that tiptoed through my mind today:
  • My sisters grew up with a need for peanut butter & pickle sandwiches every day. Does anyone else eat that, or is that totally weird?
  • Have you ever answered the phone, or carried on a conversation, and all of a sudden the other person says something that sounds like gibberish? I mean, a common word or phrase that you ask them to repeat a couple of times because your mind just couldn't grasp it? Or is that just me?
  • How far is going "too far" with HNT? And will I be crossing my own line tomorrow?
  • One of my blogger friends has some great news, and I can't share it with anyone. I wonder how many will ask?
  • I've been thinking about starting an alternate site for anonymous HNT pics. I've had a number of people mention that they've got pictures they'd like to use as a Mystery Guest photo, but don't want to wait to get picked, and they're too risque to post on their own site. Would a separate page for anonymous HNT pics be needed or used?
  • Has anyone seen the bronze sculpture that's supposedly Britney Spears on all fours on a bearskin rug giving birth? You can buy one for your coffee table! Any takers?
  • Had a little birthday thing for my youngest niece (N3) on Monday. She turned 13. There's something about that magic "teenager" label--I think she's going to break some hearts over the next few years!
  • There's more, but I forgot to write any of it down during the day. My mind is made of swiss cheese--more damned holes in it than you can believe!

One last cool thing happened today. I got a phone call from the Great Falls Symphony (about 90 miles north of here) asking me to sub for their regular bass trombonist for next week's concert. That in itself isn't a big deal, but the concert is special. Somehow, they've raised the money to bring in Itzhak Perlman to play! He's one of the top violinists alive today. Born in Israel, he contracted polio as a child. He hasn't let that slow him down. And he'll be playing in Great Falls next week and I'll be in the orchestra! Tickets for this were sold out months ago at about $100 a pop, but it doesn't matter. I'll be in the orchestra!! And the truly best part--the two concertos he'll be playing don't use the trombones, so I'll be able to enjoy his participation as much as the audience! I don't usually gush about solo artists like this, but he's a big deal. Think of Brett Favre coming to play quarterback with the Montana State Bobcats. I'll see if I can get pics...

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