Sunday, March 19, 2006


I don't have anything wonderful to write about. Well that's not true. I've been phoning and chatting and emailing with a handful of bloggerfriends over the past week. Thanks to all of you who have taken my mind off of other things!

Ooh--big news! Andi has started up a new webzine! She's enlisted the help of some of your favorite bloggers to write articles/features/reviews for it (including yours truly). Click on the button over there in the sidebar for Estella's Revenge. It'll take you right there. Check it out!

St. Patrick's Day started well, and then sort of mellowed out as the day went on. I didn't go out that night, as I had a rehearsal at the ass crack of dawn the next morning. Being sober would be a good thing for that. Besides, I took care of the partying early in the day!

We got about 5 inches of heavy wet snow through Saturday night. Winter's last hurrah, I hope. Supposed to be getting nicer now starting mid-week. Welcome Spring!

I received a gift in the mail from Bekah for winning a little quiz she had. And I'm expecting another one from Melanie in the next day or two. Add that to the Christmas CD that I got from Brico, and I've made a pretty good haul! I'll detail things when I get them all in...

To finish this post, I'll randomly answer questions/comments that were left over the past few days. If they make no sense, that's OK. The person that asked will figure it out!
--Seems like there was a problem for a couple of people trying to put one of the HNT buttons on their sites. Try again, and if you still have problems, email me.
--Monkey--I'll take the massage!
--Sam--Lots of brownie points for you. An open-eyed facial!
--Aisha--No Butte this year, but lots of search hits on my site looking for the M&M webcam!
--Chuck--I drank at O'Toole's, but not at your O'Tool....
--Keda--email me if you're still having problems.
--Yes, I broke my back twice. Not to be confused with Brokeback...
--Lil Bit--Looking forward to Easter!
--Tess--Get your camera fixed!
--Robyn--You can be next after Monkey.
--Vic--We're square on the punishment (she has the cutest freckle...)
--Just Me--Had issues getting to your picture. Anyone else?
--CuriousPussy--Yes, it counts on Friday!
--Chelle--I wore green, but you can pinch me anytime you want!
--le chat--I've heard that the GNP of the US dips just a little on Thursdays now!
--Lizabeth--Good to hear from you! Hope all is well!
--MG--I'll look into the 'Virgin HNTers' thing, but don't get your hopes up...
--Crimson--I had a couple for you! And they weren't Heinekens, either!!
--SG--Come to MT anytime you want. I'll take care of your every need!
--Binsk--I sense a beer challenge. Bring it on!
--Just Thinking--Hi!

That's all folks! Have a great week!

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