Thursday, March 16, 2006

Irish HNT

The Irish holiday is coming up fast! I hope that everyone got the word about the "green" theme for HNT! Be sure to check the next post down to see the lovely Velma's HNT post. She is dealing with some RL problems this week, and is reorganizing her blog. Be sure to leave your comments with her picture!

Below, you'll find a rarely photographed part of my body. A part that I never see. It's the part that carries the weight of the world (well, my world, anyway). It's the part that has caused me years of grief. It's a part that's been broken. Twice. It's wide, it's tight, it's knotted, it longs for a slight Oriental girl in spiked heels to walk all over it. That's right, it's my back. Wearing my good luck suspenders that I usually wear with my symphony tux. I wish I could tell some sort of story, but it's just my back. Since this is probably the first picture I've ever seen of my back, I'm happy to note that it's not furry, doesn't have a huge number of hairy moles, or any back zits. Nor does it have footprints indicating that people have walked all over me. I guess that's a good thing!

I hope you all have a safe St. Patrick's Day! Don't drink & drive! I'll be posting tomorrow to show you what I plan to be doing!

This week’s Mystery Guest is known far and wide for her skills in spinning wondrous tales and weaving humorous anecdotes. Her HNT’s are artistic and alluring, though she strives to keep her true identity a mystery. One lucky blogger spent a whirlwind weekend with her recently, and discovered that she is as enchanting in person as she is on the page.

This Mystery Guest has requested that her picture and identity be removed, but trust me, she was a wonderful MG!

Voting has ended for Summer's bid to become 5.0 Mustang Magazine's "Babe of the Year"! She's had to abandon her site, but I'll keep you posted as to how she did!
Be sure to check out Wenchy for her early HNT! Well, it was midnight in South Africa! Also check out kb! And bbsgirl is up too! So is Always Aroused Girl!

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