Sunday, January 29, 2006


MISSING: One very large blue Hawaiian shirt.
Last seen: 12/30/05
Location: Nashville, Tennessee area
Condition: Unknown
Aliases: None
Recent Contact: None
Ransom Demands: None to date
Known Associates: Osbasso, Samantha, Emily, Kelly, Bsoholic, Tish, Eric, Lizabeth, Just.A.Girl, Mob Rules Horns, Nashville HNT Girls, Moose, Summer, Alison Krauss, Crystal, YoJ, Dr. Pineapple
Last known pictures:

About an Hour from Home party9 DSC00009 party2.0
000_20322.0 DSC00401 Osbasso IMG1
DSCF2300_1 DSC00447 DSCF0866_3 76142348_1069a46dda_o
P1010066_1 DSCF1198_1 100_1185 100_1338

If spotted, do not try to rescue. Suspected abductors considered possibly unbalanced. Intentions uncertain. Consider them to be somewhat on the wild side. Contact Osbasso at the usual places. There is no reward offered.

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