Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Behind the 8-Ball

Oops! Missed the fact that Heather had tagged me. This is the most popular one going on out there right now.

List 8 attributes of the perfect partner.
Well, beyond the somewhat obvious--female, breathing, human, relatively healthy, of legal age...
    1. Should be able to play the piano. She must understand music. Period. Not in the "oh, did you hear that new song on the radio" type of understanding. But in the knowledge of making, listening to, and appreciating the art. She doesn't have to be a performer though.

    2. Should be able to play golf. Golf is huge in my family. There is a long lineage of professional and accomplished amateurs in my family (unfortunately, the line stopped at my doorstep). There is no way to understand the family without understanding the game. There are numerous lessons in life that can be learned from the game of golf. Go watch "Tin Cup" to understand. Then "Caddyshack". She doesn't have to excel, but she has to play.

    3. Should be able to play poker. Again, there are numerous skills learned in poker that translate well into real life. My grandmother taught each of her grandchildren how to play poker by the time we were eight. She understood the importance too.

    4. Should be able to drink and appreciate beer. Not wine. Not hard liquor. Beer. Microbrews. Imports. And she should know when to say when. Other alcohol is OK, but beer must be appreciated.

    5. Should be able to laugh at herself, as well as me. She can't be so full of herself that she can't have fun, either at her expense or at mine.

    6. Should be able to carry on an intelligent conversation. She must be aware of the world around her. Current events, common sense, basic knowledge. All important. She should be a kick-ass Trivial Pursuit player.

    7. Must be honest, truthful and trustworthy. Self-explanatory. Communication is also quite important here too. If this area is at all weak, it's a deal-breaker.

    8. Must be willing to learn, willing to adapt, willing to accept. She should be an ever-evolving being. Things will change over time. She must be able to do that too. At the same time, she must be totally dedicated to me (as I would be to her).
I should probably mention at this point that I would hope that I would have to mirror the same attributes. Any takers?

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