Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New DVD - "Eraserhead"

Released on DVD for the first time in the U.S. today is the most disturbing movie I have ever watched. David Lynch's "Eraserhead". It was released in 1978, and I was able to watch it at Montana State University in a large auditorium at midnight where 2/3 of the full house was smoking pot. For as strange and uncomfortable as this movie is stone cold sober, I can't imagine how 2 hrs. of dope-smoking could have helped. I pirated a videotape of this movie, and watch it maybe once a year. In the 27 years since it's release, I still have no clue as to what it's about, what it represents, or why it was made. I've ordered the DVD in the hope that there's a director's bonus in there.

Unfortunately, with David Lynch, it may render the whole thing unwatchable!

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