Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dad Update

Well, hell. The short story. Mom calls me from the road. Dad had a routine check-up this morning (Mon) for his pacemaker. They promptly set up an appointment with the doctor who put the thing in him, because it's still not working right! Not a "send-him-down-next-week" appointment. No, it's a "go-home-grab-clothes-drive-300-miles-to-Billings-because-you've-got-problems" appointment. He still has an atrial fibrillation (???) that they can't get rid of, so they might go in for the third time in 6 weeks to adjust it. Maybe they should just install a zipper in his pecs.

It's still not a life-or-death situation. More of an inconvenience. And a pain in the ass. And the chest. I'll keep you updated.

EDIT: Mom just called. They're on their way home. Dad's even driving! They ran a battery of tests and think they've figured out the electrical problem that's been causing concern. As always, many thanks for the prayers and good thoughts!

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