Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mission Mountain HNT

No, this isn't about that "other" mountain movie. The Mission Mountain Wood Band was a Montana band from the 70s that reached a cult status in the state among any hippie/college student that was ever fortunate to have heard them. Especially if they attended the Aber Day Kegger in Missoula (man, those were the days!). That would include me. Sort of a rock/acoustic/jazz/bluegrass sound. Think Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, but with heavy early 70s rock influence. Today, you might think of a Phish/moe./Leftover Salmon sort of groove. Far ahead of their time, to say the least. They have had a couple of reunion concerts since breaking up in the early 80s, including one this July in Helena. I had the pleasure of taking both Moose and Just.A.Girl to the concert. I was a little wary about whether they'd like it or not. A bunch of old drunk/stoned hippies getting together in a rodeo arena. My fears were unfounded. Moose wrote a post about it here.

While I could do a full post (and might!) about the band, the concert and their music, the biggest news of the night was that they were working on a 5-CD/1-DVD box set from their heyday. For 25 years, there was only one album available by this band, and I know I'm not the only one who owns more than one copy of the LP due to wear and tear! Now they were going to release their masters, TV appearances, movies, etc. in a box set! Probably in early December--just in time for Christmas! At $100 a pop. I had every intention of buying it, but then the trip to Nashville took up all my financial resources, and the best I could do is hope that they would still have some left in the spring when I might be able to afford it. Imagine my glee when I checked my mail today and received this:

Along with a note:
Merry Christmas a bit on the late side!
Love, Your Girls (Moosekahl and Just.A.Girl)

Is there really any wonder why I am totally in love with these two?? Thanks, girls!

Today's Mystery Guest will be celebrating her 30th birthday on Saturday. She joined in with HNT about halfway through, and because a good friend of hers was doing it too. In fact, they've both appeared on each other's sites at one time or another. The only other hint I'll give is that we've never seen this particular side of her. A picture from a different angle would probably give her away. Be kind with the comments! She may let you know who she is Thursday night.

Nope, not F3m1

A request from a couple of HNTers, particularly for the newbies: Just for the day, could you turn off the Word Verification? It really is a time waster, and with so many roses to smell...
Early posters would include ????, DaMasta, Jonathan, Deadly Female, kb and Tish. I'm also again hosting Red from WildVisions until she gets her site problems worked out. How can I argue with such beauty and grace??
If you haven't done so, be sure to let us know where you're at by getting on the Frappr map. There's a button over there in the sidebar to do that!
Anyone interested in being the Mystery Guest, be sure to send in your picture by next Tuesday! osbasso (at) gmail dot com. Remember, this has nothing to do with the booby shots for the "collection"! Though you can send those to the same address...

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