Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Two More Things

1. If you've been part of Addict's little summer party planning, the final location vote has been bumped to Wednesday TUESDAY (tonight!). Last chance to vote! Nashville people--where are you??

2. A couple of you have asked about my dad. He's scheduled for a "tune-up" surgery on Wednesday afternoon. My sister will drive my parents to Billings (3.5 hours away) in the morning, and he's scheduled to be on the table at 1:30. It's a routine, 15-minute operation. Has something to do with separating the upper and lower leads to the pacemaker. Theoretically, if all goes normally, he'll spend the night in a nearby motel, go back to the hospital for x-rays and follow-up, and be home Thursday night. Isn't it impressive that heart surgery has become as routine as car repairs? Which reminds me--I need to change the oil in my car.... BTW--no, that's not him in the picture!

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