Friday, January 27, 2006

Randomness on the Day After

Very first thing to do--thanks to Red from WildVisions for actually posting my HNT. I had a rehearsal and couldn't do it myself. I didn't hear any complaints, so I assume she did well.
Moose wanted me to clear up an assumption made in some of the comments. The Christmas gift I got from the girls was not a random, blog-fan sort of gift. Moose is my bestest, dearest friend, and Just.A.Girl has been a close friend for a few years. While my ego would be hugely stroked if I got gifts from some of my readers, I certainly don't expect it. However, if you must, you can always send stuff for the "collection".....
There continues to be a steady stream of newbies to HNT. I find the whole phenomenon amazing....
On a serious note--I received two emails yesterday, as well as seeing the question raised on a new HNT site, regarding some sort of designation to alert the reader that you're going to be seeing a little more than the standard "safe" HNT post. None of them suggested toning things down--not at all. In fact, two of them mentioned specifically that they enjoy those posts as much as the next person. Just that sometimes it's an unexpected shock! I needed to take a day to come up with a response, and here it is:
    1. Most people would agree that some sort of warning isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it should be a voluntary action.

    2. A designation of NSFW (not safe for work) could be used, but that begs another point--what are you doing looking at HNTs while at work? This is exactly why the U.S. continues its economic downfall--too many people spending time at work looking at HNTs!

    3. A suggestion for readers--there are some HNTers that consistently are more open with their half-nekkidness than you. You know who they are. If you're someplace where that could be a problem--wait until you get home!!

    4. I'm not going to tell people how to regulate their own blogs. It becomes a censorship-type issue. What one person feels is "safe", might offend the next person. A picture of bare shoulders in a shower could be quite tame to one person--to another, they may feel that's too much. And don't get me going on the subject of censorship!!!

    5. But Os! Why don't you make a separate site for HNT? I can't keep up with things the way they are. The last thing we need is a separate site. Webmasters, passwords, permissions, perverts--I don't want to deal with them. Besides, it takes new readers (and old ones) away from your own sites. And you lose control of your own pics. The day that you decide to take them all down, you can. On a common site, you lose that ability.

    6. To those who wrote me, I hope I addressed the issue to your satisfaction. Bottom line--HNT will never be censored or required to carry warning labels. If an HNTer wants to warn their reader, that's their prerogative.

    EDIT: I wasn't really looking for a whole lot of discussion on this one. I was just throwing it out there so that you might see what others are thinking. Please don't take a hostile tone on this! And if I come across that way, I apologize. It wasn't my intention!

Look for a post regarding the Most Ridiculous Holiday Ever Invented, and how it will affect HNT!

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