Friday, January 20, 2006

Roses Smell Pretty Good!

Well, the great "Rose Smell" rant seemed to work pretty well. Got alot of feedback thanking me for making the suggestion. Many of you apparently did stop to smell, and found what you were missing! This seemed to be a good week for it too!

Since they all "exposed" themselves at one point or another, I'll do it here. The Mystery Guest (the black & white, arms folded one) was Susie. The other two I hosted due to computer/Blogger problems on their end. The "Just Add Water" was Red at wildvisions, and the late submission was Firefly. Just noticed that she did finally get it up on her site, too!

Anyone interested in being a Mystery Guest, just send me a picture by Tuesday! No guarantees that you'll be up that particular week--depends on how many I have in storage!

Further Blogerversary thoughts may be forthcoming (maybe not...)

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