Thursday, February 02, 2006

Formal HNT

It dawned on me that I hadn't posted any pictures of me and Michelle in quite awhile, especially with me in a tux (go to the bottom of this post to find out who Michelle is). I rarely ever wear a coat & tie. I was fortunate enough to teach in school systems where that wasn't expected. I've never had a job since then where I've had to do the whole coat & tie thing. I hate wearing a coat & tie.

But I love wearing a tuxedo. You just can't look bad when you wear a tux. Girls love a guy in a tux. Girls look good in a tux! On an occassion or two, I've even gotten to wear the full tails and diamond studs. A real tux. Not the monkey suits that guys end up having to wear for their wedding, but a functional tux. This picture is from May, 2004, after our last concert of the season.

I figured that since we had a concert this past Saturday, I should get another picture of Michelle and I before I left for the concert hall. I never did figure out why people were pointing and laughing at me. I didn't think the hair was THAT short!

Who am I?

I am your sister, your mother in days gone by, your best friend, the girl next door. I am a faithful, loyal companion. I am the “nice girl”, the sweet one….I am a woman, yet still a little girl inside.

You see, this is only my skin – it is not who I am, it is only what covers me…and protects the inside from the outside. This photograph is the expression of the other side of me....inside every lamb is a lion....

It's a real treat to host this week's Mystery Guest. I will not reveal who she is, nor will I confirm or deny any guesses. If you think you might know, email her to find out if you're right! In the meantime, be gracious with the positive comments--she's more than a little bit nervous!
Just a heads up here--while I usually can get to all of you by the weekend, I've got alot of things I have to get done in the next couple of days. I won't get to a whole lot of you tonight--don't take it personally. I will get to everyone eventually (like I always do!) A request, however. There's alot of new people joining in that we don't know about! If you know of someone, please have them comment here! I know many of you are seeing these people, and many of you do tell them that. But there's alot of them who don't know!
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