Friday, February 03, 2006

Black Thursday, Red Friday

This is the Red Friday part. I received this in an email Thursday. It sort of hits home with the recent problems with my dad. If you can do this, you should!

February is

American Heart Month

Please wear Red tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 3) in honor of
your mother, daughter, sister, or co-worker.

Show them you care about their heart health.

Go Red for Women

I'm sure that many of you noticed some sad changes as you went surfing through HNTs yesterday. While we constantly have people coming and going each week, I don't think we've seen as many "high profile" ones drop out at once. These are ladies who have been involved with HNT from the early days.

The first one that warned me by email was Summer. She went out the same way she came in--using her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blanket! Then I hit Kalani's site. She also gave us a picture, but announced that she was through. Kalani has been such an incredible participant, and a great friend to many of us. This one was a surprise. Then tonight I find that Tish announced her farewell. I had an inkling of this one, but it still was a shock to see in print. These ladies all have their own reasons for bowing out. Each of them made HNT special in their own particular ways. None of them have plans to quit blogging, so be sure you stop by and visit them!

Also missing HNT this week: Melanie, who has completely pulled her site. Mel is another long-time HNTer who will be sorely missed. I read somewhere that a guy is trying to raise a grass-roots effort to try to get her back. I don't know if that'll work. Muse tore down her site, but is sort of back up, but without the bells and whistles. Not sure which direction she's going to go. And we missed Binsk this week, but she said she'd be back next week.

I'm not quite sure why today seemed to be the day, but while HNT was as wonderful as always, there seemed to be a black cloud hanging around, too. My personal best wishes to each of them. Sometimes you just have to let them go....

A suggestion for everyone--there's alot of people who comment "late" that they're up. This is particularly true with newbies. I recommend that sometime you start at the bottom of my comments and work your way up. There's alot of very interesting people down on that end!!

As promised, I'm not going to reveal the Mystery Guest, though I can tell you that she is very happy for the comments! And she got just as many good ones on her own site for this week too! If you're interested in becoming a Mystery Guest, just send me a submission (or two, or three...) to my gmail address (find it in my profile). Eventually, everyone who submits will get their chance!

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