Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Blood Numbers are in!!

This year's numbers are in! I posted my last wellness screening results almost exactly a year ago. As mentioned earlier, there's money ($1/point) riding on the cholesterol totals with S3. All of you medically inclined people can interpret these to your heart's content! The first number will be my current results (with the desirable results), then underneath, my numbers from the prior two years (2005, 2004).
  • Total Cholesterol
    194 mg/dl (less than 200)
    199 mg/dl
    184 mg/dl
  • LDL Cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol)
    121 mg/dl (less than 130)
    122 mg/dl
    121 mg/dl
  • HDL Cholesterol ("good" cholesterol)
    59 mg/dl (45 or more)
    53 mg/dl
    46 mg/dl
  • Risk Ratio (Total/HDL)
    3.3 (less than 4.0)
  • Triglycerides
    72 mg/dl (less than 150)
    120 mg/dl
    83 mg/dl
  • Glucose
    112 mg/dl (less than 110)
    99 mg/dl
    92 mg/dl

  • Oops! Forgot about the blood pressure!

So in spite of my overweightness and piss-poor diet, I'm not doing too bad. I'm not going to give you specifics about weight, BMI or girth, because those numbers are big numbers. But dammit, my blood's good! A little on the sweet side, but not much fat floating around in there.

Other results--last year it was determined that I have lost the ability to hear in the 4 kHz range in my left ear. My right ear has joined in. That's about the pitch of the highest notes of a piano. I can hear higher and lower. Just not there. Unless it's amplified. Damn. The other result that was depressing was my combined grip strength. Last year it wasn't very good, nor was it this year. I expected better. I'm going to blame the early morning and frigid cold. Last extra result--I far surpass the flexibility test desired results. Again, with a large gut in the way and without any pre-stretching. Don't quite know how I do that...

I've already called S3. She was sick, so she'll get her blood drawn on Thursday. She seems to think that she might top 300 in the cholesterol total. I can only say two things to that--"sorry to hear it", and "I'd like that in twenties, please". I'll let you know how things turn out!

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