Thursday, February 16, 2006

Forlorn HNT

It's interesting to me how people use their blogs. For some, it's their diary/journal. For others, it's a form of communication to other specific people, but that's left open to the public. And for another group, it's a place to hone their writing skills, photography skills, or even networking skills.

People will tell the world things that they won't tell their spouse. They'll write about mundane things that only a handful of people would understand. They'll write fiction and fantasy. And they'll write about real life--that elusive extra dimension of things around here. Alot of it tends to be sad. One who consistently bucks that trend is Ladybug. Even on her "off" days, she's such a pleasure to read. But like I said, alot of posts these days are sad. Or bitchy. Or just dark, in general.

This is a picture of me this morning, while reading my cycle of early morning blogs and emails. I hadn't shaved or showered yet. And I tend to play with my face while I'm surfing. Didn't realize that before. Note the furrowed brow. Apparently that stays with me during the day. It used to be hidden under the hair, but that's gone now. All in all, it was sort of a dark, cloudy day. Just in the figurative sense. Maybe I just need to read more of Ladybug.

And no comments about the reading glasses. I'm old. I need them.

This week's Mystery Guest is fairly new. I asked if she wanted to write anything,and she said, "I've decided to just let a picture tell a thousand words. if that is ok." OK

She came out early today--the MG is Trojan. Go check her out!

A couple of people asked to be mentioned because they had to post early and can't comment later on: Heather, Velma, SissyB, Britni, Ristak, DaMasta and TiffaneyC.
Please turn your word verification off for the day!
If YOU want to be the Mystery Guest (and many of you say you do!) please be sure to email me a picture!

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