Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend in Haiku

Lots of crap to write.
Alot happened this weekend.
No inspiration.

My wellness screening.
Blood pressure's down from last year,
But it's still too high.

My cholesterol
Results should be ready soon.
Show me the money!

Played my horn alot.
Symphony had rehearsals.
Symphony all week.

I've lost a good friend.
I'm very disappointed.
No idea why...

Things could still work out.
At least I think that they could.
I'm willing to wait.

Damned cold all weekend.
Bright sunny days; chilly nights.
Twenty-four below!

Friday night downtown.
Listened to a bagpipe band.
I must find a life...

Beers at the Brewhouse.
Rachel had some company.

Silver City Bar.
Line dancing and nubile flesh.
Much cigarette smoke.

Chatted with Sis B.
Also with Andi and Tish.
Chatted with Leesa.

Mystery Guest pics.
Received a couple of them.
Still looking for more.

Added some newbies
To the sidebar Nekkid roll.

Blue Hawaiian shirt
Has been spotted in Nashville.
It's going elsewhere.

Olympics are on.
Skating, skiing and curling.

Go vote for Summer.
She's up for Babe of the Year
At some Mustang mag.

I am such a schmuck.
I missed my sister's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Sis!

That will do no good.
She isn't even aware
That this blog exists.

I now have clean clothes.
I was domestic today.
Laundry and dishes!

I was uninspired.
Haikus are the way to go.
You should try yourselves!

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