Thursday, February 23, 2006

Olympic HNT

Moose and I were talking last night, and I was lamenting the fact that I didn't have a HNT photo taken yet. I was watching the Olympics in the background, and a thought struck me! I could pose like an Olympic athlete, with the athlete in the background on TV!! Unfortunately for you, it was the short program of women's figure skating on at the time. But I'm determined, so I get half-nekkid, IN A TUTU (don't ask--yes, one exists), and I set up my camera, tripod and TV.

Have you watched the things those girls do? I gave it my best. Not easy to do to focus, set the timer, get in front of the TV, and time your moves with both the TV and the camera. I think having TiVo might have helped here... I did the grab-your-foot-and-bring-it-up-behind-your-head move. I tried one of those triple toe thingies, but the downstairs neighbor wasn't too happy, so I didn't try anymore leaps. I did the squat thing where they do the spiral, puke-your-guts-cuz-you're-dizzy moves. I even threw in a couple of the post-performance, kisses-to-the-crowd things. All in all, a great night of photos for your pleasure.

I woke up this morning and could barely move. Fortunately, I looked at the half-nekkid tutu pics and decided against them. Instead, you get me, in my glory, just before jumping out of bed and running to the can to pee. Running in that hope-I-get-there-before-I-have-an-accident sort of way. This is the way I celebrate the Olympics. I wish I would have had the idea during the curling or the bobsled coverage....

I swear, I wasn't planning on the legs shot to do a comparison here. Mine are fat, white and dry. Hers are shapely, tan and wet. This week's Mystery Guest is a long time participant. Her greatest attribute is her legs. At least that's the subject of most of her HNTs. Though her Christmas series was quite nice! I will identify her sometime Thursday afternoon, but feel free to try and figure it out on your own! A hint--check out the scar and the moles. They might help you!

With her permission--today's Mystery Guest is No One In Particular from Tasty Tidbits Of Life. Stop by and see the top half today!

If YOU want to be the Mystery Guest, but sure to send me your picture! Don't be shy, and don't delay!

Don't forget to turn off your Word Verification for the day!

Be sure to check out some HNTs that had to go up early--Boo (no, the other one), Pieces, Binsk and Kerri.

Voting for Summer for 5.0 Mustang Magazine's Babe of the Year continues for a couple more weeks. I've been able to vote on a daily basis (even a couple of times/day!). Go to her site and give her your votes!

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