Monday, February 06, 2006

Rachel's fingers and my nuts

Well, I'm not going to dwell on how the Seahawks were screwed or that the Steelers were handed the championship. That would just be sour grapes. INSTEAD, I'll tell you about the afternoon! Yes, I'm THAT clueless about what to post...

Rachel and I went to a pizza/beer joint to watch the Game. There wasn't much of a crowd, so we were able to grab a table right in front of the table. One of the furniture stores in town donated a recliner that was set up in front. There were drawings for prizes and a chance to sit in the chair for a quarter. I was the proud winner of the 3rd quarter recline! Along with that came free beer for the quarter (like I needed it at that point), free pizza and appetizers. Then at the end of the game, the 4 people who got to recline were finalists in the drawing to take the chair home. No, I didn't win the chair, but I did win free pizza, a decent pair of binoculars (something not right about that...), one of those canvas fold-em-up beach chairs, a nice picture calendar (which I immediately sold to a young lady at the end of the bar for $5!), and a heavy-duty flashlight that I won earlier (shut up--I can use it!). I walked out without the free pitcher that we drank really bad beer out of (Bud Light--puke! But great commercials!). But perhaps the most exciting part was this:


That's Rachel's fingers, and my nuts. I've never seen a 4-nut peanut. I think it was supposed to bring good luck or something. In spite of the Seahawks loss, I did get lucky!

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