Friday, February 03, 2006

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

WARNING!!! Long, nasty rant to follow! Run away now!

For months, I've read bloggers who post about the strife that they're having in their lives. Husbands against wives, friends against friends, HNTers against haters, bloggers against bloggers. I've always sat back in my smugness, knowing that I was above that sort of thing, and quietly watched the misery of others. Some of the stories touched me, but for many, it's been good, clean, fun entertainment. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I generally let things slide right by. It takes quite a bit to get me riled, and even then, I generally dislike the drama and conflict. It's just not worth the hassle. Until today.

Don't get excited, you're not going to get the details. I'm still above falling into the same sewer that they came crawling out of. But the basics--a particular person (hereto referred as PP) has, over the past couple of weeks, managed to spread some incredibly vile garbage about me. And has been able to convince some people that I considered friends that I am the anti-Christ. Petty bickering, gossip and rumors abound. Assumptions have been made and actions questioned. This is no longer one person vs. me, but a group of people vs. a false image of me. Like I said, I've just been made aware of how bad it's gotten. I had no idea! I knew that the original person had issues, but I never imagined that their words and actions could be so venomous! We weren't ever friends, really, but certainly never even rivals to the point where this shit had to happen....

So what has happened today? I've been told by a true friend how deep this has been and how long it's been going on. I've been told by a true friend that they were somewhat "recruited". I've been told by a true friend that certain individuals for whom I've had a great deal of respect, are no longer deserving of that respect. I've decided that I have to cut some people out of my life. Not an easy thing to do, since some of them really have been friends. Unfortunately, we're going to cross paths, so I'll be as polite as I need to be. But it's not going to go beyond that.

I seem to remember only one other time that I've opened up like this on my blog, but I'm to lazy to check. I've had to choose my words carefully here. But as I've said on so many other's blogs, this is my blog, and I'll damned well say what I want. So here it goes:
  • To PP mentioned above--your charm and wit have served you well. You've convinced a group of somewhat gullible and spineless people to believe everything you say, and to hang on your every word. Someday, you're true motives are going to come out. You've slipped once or twice. But you've got that Reagan-like Teflon suit on right now.I hope that when they "see the light" about you, that you'll be able to face the ones that you love. FUCK YOU.
  • To the group of somewhat gullible and spineless people mentioned above--all it would have taken is an email or phone call to check up on things. You would have then found out the truth. I feel sorry that your lives are so unfulfilled that you would belive the crap that PP has been feeding you. FUCK YOU.
  • To the one person that could have nipped this in the bud early on--as a friend, I would have hoped you would have directly confronted me about things. Instead, you chose to listen to PP's crap, and you got sucked in. I'm not particularly fond of you right now, but my nature tells me that I'll end up forgiving you, but for right now, FUCK YOU.
  • To those of you who sat back and said nothing and did nothing, but allowed it to get to this point, FUCK YOU.
  • And to those of you reading this, and wanting to comment along the lines of "grow a set of balls" or "quit your whining"--FUCK YOU.
  • And I urge you not to assume you know what's going on. You either do or don't. There's really no middle ground.

DISCLAIMERS: (In a new color, too, because writing the words above have actually improved my attitude!)
  • Rachel, Moose and J.A.G--you're off the hook. You're not involved in the least. In fact, none of you would know anything about this. But I won't talk about it with you, so don't ask me. Sorry!
  • There may be some of you confused and scared. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about here, then don't fret--you're either: A). not involved and you got to see a side of me that usually doesn't come out, or B). involved, but too fucking stupid to know just what's happened here.
  • Inevitably, some of you are going to comment to this. I don't want the typical "we're here for you" comments. I know that. Believe me, I do! But I don't want to hear that right now. I sort of like this feeling. If you want to apologize, or have more to tell me (including the "fuck off"s), please email me, rather than comment. Whatever you're going to do--agree, disagree, question, whatever-- I just don't want the hand-holding right now! By the end of the weekend, I will have probably deleted this post anyway.
  • I've made no distinction here between real life or blogger life. Maybe it's both. If it's blogger life, I hope some of you squirm. If it's real life, none of you will squirm, other than seeing what I can be like a times...

For any of you who have never gone off the deep end like this, it's quite cathartic! Now it's time to drink....

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