Monday, February 27, 2006

Busy, busy week & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I am caught COMPLETELY unprepared for this, but today is Rachel's birthday! She's a close friend and beer drinking buddy that I've met through blogging, and thankfully only live minutes away from me. She deserves a full tribute here, but it slipped through the cracks. My apologies dear (then again, Moose didn't get one either...). If you haven't been there yet, go wish her a Happy Birthday!!
LAST CALL!! If you haven't voted for a weekend choice for Addict's Playdate, do it now! Voting ends in the next couple of days!
A surprisingly busy week last week. There are some emails I need to answer soon--my apologies. A rundown on some of what happened (a warning--alot of this is quite boring):

I got my phone rebate for my new cell phone from Verizon!
I found out that a musician friend of mine from another town has a brain tumor. If it's grown at all by mid-May, they operate BY GOING THROUGH THE ROOF OF THE MOUTH. The "good" news--it's a benign tumor.
Said goodbye to a friend.
Danced Saturday night with a dark-haired version of Scarlett Johanssen (too busy to post a link). This is shocking to those who know me, because I haven't danced in 16 years. Since the night I broke my sister in half (S2). Long story, but suffice it to say that it affected me enough to give it up. Besides, I'm a musician. I can't dance!
I won Brico's sudoku contest. Stole it away from SisB!
I guess I also "won" my own CD contest by admitting that I own some Mandy Moore, but not Van Morrision.
Voted for Summer probably over 20 times last week in her quest to become 5.0 Mustang Magazine's Babe of the Year. Voting continues for another 2 weeks or so.
In spite of missing her birthday tribute, Rachel dragged me along to run errands, then dinner. So I got to join her as she shopped for underwear (not the first time I've done that), then got hammered at Applebee's from their fruity drinks with dinner.
Saw that Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" is being released for it's 50th anniversary on DVD. Does anyone else find Lady just a little bit hot?
Played a symphony concert (complete with a boatload of rehearsals all week). Celebrated "Shakespeare In Love" with Weber, Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn.
Finished up a blogpage for the Rogue Festival. That starts this week!

I need Mystery Guest submissions today (tomorrow AM) if you want to be considered for this week. An awful lot of you promising, but not committing!
Called my baby sister (S3) to get the numbers from her blood screening. The girl is a walking timebomb. I beat her by 70 points (which = $70!) on the total cholesterol: 194 vs. 264! And her triglycerides (fat in the blood) are almost double what mine are. Her blood pressure is just this side of a freshly dead corpse. Yet she eats relatively healthy (kids will make you do that), doesn't drink to excess, doesn't smoke, (doesn't exercise...), and generally tries to stay as healthy as her husband (who is in disgustingly good health). It really pisses her off that her overweight, sedentary, pizza-loving, beer guzzling brother has better blood! The only place where she smoked me was the glucose levels. I can attribute that to increased beer drinking with both Just.A.Girl and Rachel. In any case, I'll still be asking for the money in twenties!

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