Friday, February 17, 2006

This oughta be fun!

My baby sister (S3) will annually pay for me to have a wellness screening through her workplace. Sort of an early birthday present. I mainly go to get the blood pressure checked and the blood work done. Funny how you start paying attention to that stuff after watching your father endure a couple of heart surgeries. And I found out last year from the general hearing screening that I have permanent hearing loss at a certain frequency in one ear. No, I haven't had that looked at...

Anyway, the real reason that I do it is for the money. It bothers my sisters to no end that I, the overweight, beer-guzzlin', fast-food-eatin', steak-and-potatoes-lovin' slug of a bachelor has lower cholesterol numbers than any of my three siblings. Yes, the semi-health conscious mothers. So we bring money into the equation. The premise is simple. One dollar per point (total cholesterol). Last year I won $45 from S3! Come 7:30 AM, I'll be there again, starting the process. I'm guessing I'll win at least $25. I'll keep you posted on the numbers.

The thing that sucks is that you have to fast for 12 hours beforehand. I haven't eaten since lunch, and my beer drinking for tonight had to be curtailed. That's OK. I'll be stopping off for an Egg McMuffin on the way home in the morning!
Many of you didn't catch the little trick I pulled yesterday with the comments. The newest comments stayed at the top. I'm trying anything for you guys to check out the late posters! That's generally where the newbies can be found, too. I think I'll keep it this way on Thursdays and Fridays for awhile.
It's -8 degrees out right at this moment (-22 for my Canadian friends). The wind chill is taking it down to -24 (about -30). Tomorrow's high is forecast to be -4, with the low tomorrow night of -26. And that doesn't factor in the wind chill. The good news (great news, actually)--we'll be getting very little snow out of it. Thank God! There's something beautifully odd about it being that cold, but the sun is shining and the snow is missing.
Fun times at Rachel's for the weekend. I love being in on shit like this!
Got a couple more Mystery Guest pictures to add to the mix. Again--the call goes out for more!
Please continue to vote for Summer in her quest to become Babe of the Year for 5.0 Mustang magazine. Scroll down for more info, or go to her site!
Alot of nice comments regarding my Frankenstein-inspired Valentine from a couple of days ago. My thanks to the ladies whose pics I used (without permission--oops!). Some of them were instantly recognizable; some were pulled from the Way-Back Machine. Interesting guesses on some of them! Shoulda made a contest out of it...
And finally, I found this disturbing news item on bbsgirl's site. I'm more than a little bit concerned....

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