Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Happy 24th Birthday to my very first fan!

Very early in the development of the Back Row, before I knew that anyone might read this thing; before I knew if I really wanted to spend time doing this; before HNT, there was Lizabeth. Imagine my surprise when I got my first comment from someone other than Moose (who's a real life friend)! And what a comment it was. I was lamenting the fact that no one was reading my blog, or I had blogblock, or some other trivial gripe that was making me re-think the whole blog experience. She gave me words of encouragement to continue, and to ask her for help if I ever needed it. She also had actually heard of In Cahoots! Well, that did it for me! My ego was generously stroked here! I had a fan! Who actually linked me! And kept coming back! So I offer this Birthday tribute to you--

Lizabeth was a competitive swimmer. She's a Cobber. Once a Cobber, always a Cobber. Here you can almost see her butt. And those shoulders!

Now she mostly rides her bike. And does some graphics work/web design. She made my first HNT button.

She's a staunch Republican, and not afraid to say so.

Like most attractive young redheads, she's snagged herself a boy. Eric.

She and Eric brew their own beer. How cool is that?

She knows how to party, and she knows how to relax.

I finally got to meet her face-to-face (very briefly) a couple of months ago (with Eric and Just.A.Girl). Other opportunities sort of fell through, but we'll continue trying.

Lastly, she looks damned fine in a bikini!

Lizabeth--in spite of your incessant reminders that I'm old, you are quickly approaching the same thing. Well, maybe not quickly, but your time will come! Thanks for giving me that extra push in the early days. It's your fault that I'm still around!

Everyone else--go to her site and wish her a Happy Birthday!

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