Monday, September 19, 2005

Some observations

I didn't do much of anything today. I've found that I rarely watch any NFL football anymore. It just doesn't interest me like it used to. I'm sure that would be different if I actually lived near an NFL town, but MT is sort of out in leftfield in that regard (like the cross-sports reference? I don't watch baseball, either!). So I went to see Niece #1 (N1) play soccer for Carroll College. I've posted about her before. She's the hotshot soccer player. Gatorade's Girl's Soccer Player of the Year for MT. And an incredibly good kid. If I had my camera (read the prior post), these are the pics I would have taken:

Here she is making a great pass to start a scoring play. Note how much taller she is than the other players!

The bitch on the left got a yellow card after this picture.

N1 takes a penalty kick, which was perfect, until the wind caught it. It went just over the crossbar. That's OK. Carroll won 3-0.

I took the free time I forced myself to take today going through many of the blogs I've neglected this week. Now that things have settled down some, I plan to return alot of emails and check some more blogs. I can see where HNT could become a fulltime job. I have a new appreciation for the perverts who run their own porn sites! (not that I think that HNT is porn!!!)
Speaking of HNT, I used that nifty "SEARCH ALL BLOGS" button (another unrequested button from Blogger) just to see what would come up for "HNT". According to the button, it found 2,519 sites. I was pretty excited about that. Until....

Now I'm not one to feel particularly important for the whole HNT phenomenon. I don't blow my own horn, so to speak. Oh, what the hell. Yes I do, but that's not important for this next tidbit. I checked out the sites that Blogger found for HNT, ranked by "relevance". I CAME IN AT #72!!! What the fuck is THAT all about??? I'm guessing that no one has the letters HNT found on their site more times than mine! Whose site can be more "relevant" to HNT than mine???
While checking out the 71 other people ahead of me, I found that there are some HNT wannabes out there. My first reaction was one of mild rage--how dare they attempt to claim this? Then I noticed that they had theirs run for maybe a week or two, and have maybe 4 people playing along, then it died. So rest assured--those of you joining in on our half-nekkidness--you're linked in to the REAL DEAL!!!
Not much else to report on. I'll be responding to some of your emails, and checking out some more blogs. I recommend you go through the Nekkid roll in the sidebar. There's quite a few newbies that didn't comment on mine, so you might have missed some. The roll is still unedited, so there might be some up there who didn't join in last week. I'll try to get that taken care of in the next day or two. I also need to come up with a creative way to get around the no-camera situation for Thursday. I'd hate to resort to what I did up above! Have a great week, everyone!!!
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