Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dorky Tuesday Reminder

I unexpectedly have a little time this weekend, so I figured I could post a reminder. Dorky Tuesday happens this Tuesday, September 6th! You know that picture that your parents took of you when you were a kid? Back when you were a dork? A nerd? A goofball? The picture that maybe 3 people in your entire lifetime have ever seen? Well, now it's time to show us! To those of you who have a "cool" image to uphold--BULLSHIT!! We all know that there's a dorky picture of you somewhere. To those of you who still are dorks--post it anyway so that we can see your dorky progression. Also important--give some sort of a story with it. If you want/need to post more than one picture--that's OK too! This should be FUN people!!

We'll run it the same way as HNT. I'll get something posted late Monday night, and you comment to let me know that you've joined in for DT. There won't be a separate sidebar listing for this. So warm up those scanners, find the best shot of you in your dorkiness, and let the fun begin!!

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