Friday, September 23, 2005


What a fine response to the "Mystery Guest" HNT! I know that she certainly enjoyed the comments, and was fully deserving of them! Curiously, no one commented about the "special treat" that we added if you clicked on the picture! Not until Tim mentioned it on a return trip at around comment #150 or so! So how good was it? This was Tim's reaction to it! He tried to blame it on coffee, but we know better! YES, IT WAS THAT GOOD!! Click on it all you want now--the "treat" has been taken down! But many thanks for the compliments! No, I'm not going to tell you who it was....
Reaction to the "Mystery Guest" concept has been swift and positive! Before the end of the day I received not 1, but 2 different submissions for next week's "Mystery Guest" HNT! Since I'm making up the rules for this as I go, I've decided that each prior week's "Guest" will have some say as to who their replacement will be. If we run out of interest, I'll try something different. If I get my camera back before we run out of material, I'll do a huge post of everyone's shots, and a list of participants. So if you want to get in on this, bring it on! My only request is that I look good (at least as good as I did in my HNT picture!). So feel free to ask me to send you a higher resolution file that will print well. Or to ask what's available. For those who are relatively new here, and are interested, you can find all of mine in the archives back to May, which is when we started all this.

I may have found my future wife.

I don't know which one, nor does it really matter!
There's just so much that's RIGHT with this picture!

I'm severely disappointed that no one left a comment on my audio post from a couple of days ago. I don't know if the music shocked you, or if you're afraid of Castpost, but no one commented. Twenty-one times it was listened to. I'll leave it there for a few more days.... More stuff later!
iTunes: Soul Vaccination, Tower of Power

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