Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sartorial HNT

I was wearing one of my favorite Hawaiian shirts (of which I have many--ask Moose). I stuck a ball point pen into the pocket and got a little tear--barely noticeable. Being a silk shirt, it wouldn't just be done at that. Oh, no. That sucker ripped all the way to the buttons, and to the seam under my armpit. Every little movement opened that rip up to slowly expose my man boob. I could have posed differently here to really give you a thrill, but you'll have to wait for that day...

Today is Half-Nekkid Thursday! AT, Julie, and FatMike had to post early, so go check them out too!

**EDIT**--I just noticed that I could very well pass the 25,000 visitor point by tomorrow night!!

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