Friday, September 09, 2005

Freebie gift for you!

Here's my weekly post-HNT update--

HNT--It's become painfully obvious that I can't keep up anymore. I think it's important to be sure that newbies and returnees get moved to the top list, but right now I've got 178 sites listed there. I'll have to weed through those later. I just can't do it by Friday AM. Apparently, against my objections to the contrary, I have a life to deal with!

I mentioned yesterday morning that I might pass the 25,000 visitor mark during the day. Well, by midnight, you guys hit that, plus over another 200! Heather came in at 24,999 (sorry, babe!), and Bsoholic was 25,000. Congrats! Of course, I can't check it because the data is gone, but looks like that's the way it panned out!

Rachel and I leave for Missoula this afternoon to see Willie in concert tonight. Yes, I've remembered!

Thursday started a very long 10 days for me. I'll be posting sporadically for awhile. For those familiar with my blog, I'm back into "Symphony" mode. And the "Week from Hell". Very, very busy. And particularly frustrating this time around. I'll stay caught up as best as I can.

Finally, a present for the masses! As I mentioned a week or two ago, I was working on something. Well, it was actually Lizabeth, my very first blogfriend! She made me an official HNT button! Notice the classy font in front, and the "HNT" in the background. This serves two functions--you can display it on your own sites to identify yourselves as being proud to be half-nekkid on Thursdays, and when you click on it, it will take the reader to the guidelines page, so you don't have to directly link to me anymore (not that I didn't mind--in fact, I'll probably miss that.....) Anyway, there's the button, and the code you need to paste somewhere on your own templates. Display it prominently! And proudly! If you don't grab it now, it can also be found on the "Guidelines" page. Hope you all like it! Let Lizabeth know too!

Simply copy and paste the following code onto your template:
Be sure to replace all the parentheses ( ) with < and >
Need help? Email me!

(a href=""target=_blank)(img src="" width="100" height="66" alt="HNTbutton" /)(/a)

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