Saturday, September 10, 2005

Willie Was Wonderful!

Happy to report that the day was a total success! Rachel and I left in the afternoon for Missoula (about 115 west of here). This is us driving down the interstate at 80+ MPH, arm and camera hanging out the window, while passing the slow people, and not necessarily staying in the middle of my lane.

Had some time to kill once we got to Missoula, so we stopped off at the big mall in town. We went to Hoagieville to grab a bite to eat, stopped off at Universal Athletics, and perused the black bras at Victoria's Secret. I won't tell what was or wasn't purchased....

We get to the concert site--what a clusterfuck! Severely undermanned traffic control, two lanes of traffic trying to merge into one (complete with the jerks who would drive up to the gate, then try to merge). We end up about as far away from the entrance as possible. As we almost get to the gate, the "security" guy tells us that cameras aren't allowed, and there's nothing planned for confiscation. We would have to take the cameras back to the car (at the end of the lot....). All the while, the wind is blowing and the rain is....well....raining. Based on my last adventure with a camera at a concert, we decide to take them back. It's about 45 minutes before the concert is scheduled to start. All tickets are general admission (I heard 7000+ tickets were sold--no argument here!). No seats or bleachers. Just a flat field. There's a loosely packed group standing at the security fence in front of the stage. Short story--WE ARE IN THE VERY FRONT, JUST OFF CENTER, FOR THE WHOLE CONCERT!

First band was from Austin. Can't remember their name. Not bad. They were followed by Reckless Kelly--another kick-ass band from Austin. They sure know their music in Texas! Rachel is leaning over the railing for most of the concert, wearing a blanket we brought because it did get chilly and wet. The lead guitarist tosses his pick at her. She loses it, but finds it after the whole show is over.

Willie finally comes on. In spite of a life of ups and downs, he's looking good, and the guy knows how to play a crowd. I had heard that he doesn't say much to the crowd, and he didn't here. But what he lacks in conversation, he makes up for with his actions while he's playing. Since we were in the front row, Rachel went nuts with the screaming, the blowing of kisses, the clapping, the singing, the whole nine yards. In other words, RACHEL IS FLIRTING WITH WILLIE THE ENTIRE TIME!!! And what's worse, he was flirting right back!!! I'm sure it was more of a reaction than anything else. Wave at the crazy woman in the front row in case she really loses it! But there was absolutely no question about it--he played everyone in the front row, but he really did focus on her! In fact, at the end, he tossed out his cowboy hat (lame toss, and the wind took it). So he came down in front of us, took off his bandana, and aimed it right at her. Unfortunately, since the girl is challenged in the heighth department, the crazy bitch next to her grabbed it away. Think of a bunch of horny bridesmaids jumping for the bouquet. That's what this other woman was like. So anyway, after standing for well over 4 hours, and having only ONE BEER (we weren't giving up our spots!) we were tired, extremely sore, and quite pleased with the whole thing.

In hindsight, we should have stuffed Rachel's camera down her pants (don't go there...). There were plenty of cameras that DID make it in, and no attempt to keep people from taking pics. Another inconsistency in the security detail. The good news--she had her camera phone, and took quite a few shots. I'm sure that she'll be posting the best as soon as she crawls out of bed. Another observation--18 and 19 year old girls don't know how to smoke dope. They approach it the same way as they do beer--as much as possible in as short of time as possible. Then trying to mosh amongst old hippies (I felt somewhat young in this group!). Last observation for the evening--regardless of how well you know one of his songs (and he did all the biggies), it is impossible to sing along with the man. It can't be done. Nor should it, most of the time! You know you've hit the bigtime when the songs you sing sound absolutely nothing like the way they were recorded! And everyone still loves them!

A great concert, great company, and now the bed is calling.....

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