Monday, September 26, 2005

Quick Review

It's about 4:30 AM. I just got home from Spokane. I have to be in line to buy tickets to Jerry Seinfeld at 6 AM. Quick review, quick nap, and I'm outta here:
  • Sugarland--Fun band; enjoys what they're doing.
  • Sara Evans--Beautiful! Wore tight V-neck button-up blouse. Ample bosom forced the thing to gap all night (nice bonus!). Don't know how ample bosom didn't pop that top button right off!
  • Brad Paisley--Incredible guitarist; great show! Did "Whiskey Lullaby" (who would sing the female part????)--Had Alison Krauss on huge screen behind him singing her part (video-sync). Very cool.
  • Sweaty girls in tank tops (or less)--Sweet!
  • Drunk guys in the row in front of us--Assholes. Beer splashed everywhere. People falling over each other, literally. Wouldn't take off their oversized cowboy hats so that people could see around them.
  • Weather--Mid-70s; surprising!
  • Car--26.4 MPG
  • Gas in Spokane--$2.91/gal.
  • Cyrus O'Leary's--Great food; great service! Huge portions (couple of doggie boxes).
  • Return trip--only dozed off about 3 times. Megan was asleep in the back seat, so she didn't know :-)
  • Not having a camera at a concert where they were allowed--REALLY, REALLY SUCKS!
More coming later in the day---

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