Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fate, and Last Call!

What if I didn't check out the last blog that I did this morning?
What if I had chosen a different route to work--taken a different side street?
What if the person in front of me had taken a different route?
What if the person in front of me had a clue that they were driving a little slowly?
What if the cop had turned around and chased that speeder earlier?
What if the cop hadn't slowed down to let the deer amble across the street?

Then I wouldn't have gotten a citation for not coming to a "full and complete" stop at the stop sign, or the secondary citation for driving without wearing my seat belt! I grew up in Montana, where it's still legal to drink and drive (until Oct. 1st, 2005). Where, when the rest of the nation was observing the 55 MPH limit, our highway patrolmen were handing out $5 "wasting natural resources" tickets. Where most students learned the correct way to proceed at a four-way stop (even the women!). I would put my driving record up against anyone's (one accident in 33 years of driving, even when drunk!). But he stuck me for rolling through a stop sign. Then, of course, the obligatory seat belt violation. At least he didn't ding me for not having my proof of insurance (*note to self--check to be sure it didn't lapse....).
I'm tired. Went 41 hours with no sleep (and could have lasted a few more, I think). I was named in the local paper as being first in line for Seinfeld tickets. Yes, everything I do in this town is newsworthy! Anyway, I got the exact seats I was looking for, the show was sold out in 5 hours, and "Jerry's People" (formerly "Jerry's Kids"?) agreed to a second show for later that night. I'm certain that one won't sell out, but at least Jerry will have enough money for jet fuel to get to California afterwards!
Last call for Mystery Guest submissions for my HNT this week! I've gotten a handful of very good submissions, but will accept others until tonight. Tonight the "committee" (me and the current Mystery Guest) will decide on this week's entry (notice I didn't say winner--they're all winners!). Just mail any submissions to me (see my profile for address). Looking forward to Thursday!
I notice that I excessively use parentheses and exclamation points! At least I don't capitalize everything! (DEAL WITH IT!!)

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