Sunday, August 28, 2005

Slow Sunday

Not much going on today. So do you think I'm going to be domestic and clean the place, do laundry, etc.? Hell, no! Am I going to go outside and enjoy the absolutely gorgeous day we've got? Of course not! Actually, after I finish this, I'll probably shut down the computer, jump in the car, and drive around for a bit. Gas is still under $2.50 here, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can!!
No real subject for this post. I've got alot of short things to write about:
  • Observations/questions answered from HNT--An amazing number of people fascinated by the word "glorping", and apparently they all know what that means! Or at least have an image of it...
    --Thanks to happykap for the name of the chips I was referring to--Tater Skins. She even remembers the song!
    --I apparently made one person's butt pucker, but that happens to her alot.
    --We lost a couple of people without any warning. Anyone know what happened to Skinny Dip??? There was someone else, too, but I can't remember who it was....
    --I like every week how the virgins want us to "be gentle!" What are they expecting???
    --I posted my HNT, left for 5 minutes to check on 2 other blogs, and came back to see that 12 people posted to tell me they were up! I guess I'll go with the flow here--to maximize your exposure on HNT, you can post Wed. night, but let's try to wait until 10:00 PM local time. Yes, that means west coasters might see stuff at 7:00 PM. I won't post until 10:00 PM MDT, so comments can't be left before then.
    --Someone asked about getting the "finger" and updated tag on the Nekkid roll. I don't have control over that, per se. It's a Haloscan thing you can add. It's inconsistent, at best. I may drop it soon.
    --Yes, you can call me "Os".
    --If you know of someone who's joined HNT, but their name's not listed, let me know! The Nekkid roll is up to 140 now, due to some new people who didn't let me know they were out there!
  • I've finally installed Tiger! (Mac OS 10.4 for you non-Mac heathens) Haven't really had much of a chance to explore things, but it holds promise!
  • Helped some people unload a U-Haul last night. A couple who has been "separated" for the past few months. The husband has moved back to town. The wife was already moved into a house, which was already severely crammed with her stuff. Now they've doubled it. I smell a garage sale on the horizon. Maybe not. The trailer was poorly packed with half-filled cardboard boxes. None of them taped shut, so they were flimsy and didn't stack well. And they were very dusty/dirty. And old. There were boxes with remnants of scotch tape on them with addressess from over 20 years ago! You know full well that those boxes hadn't been opened in at least 15 years! How hard is it to go to the grocery store and score some new boxes???

That's it for now. Time to drive!

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