Monday, August 29, 2005

Dork Alert!!

I ran across some old pictures the other day. It just reinforced my previous opinion of my own youth. I was a geek. A dork. A nerd. But then again, weren't we ALL during those awkward junior high days?? It got me to thinking. We need to see more examples of this phenomenon!

SO...let us have a Dorky Tuesday (for lack of a better term). On Tuesday, Sept. 6th, we will celebrate this dorkiness by posting the most hideously embarrassingly geeky photo you've got to expose to the world. A little story to go along with it would also be appropriate. You can even post more than one, if you were an uber-dork! We've all got them, tucked away somewhere. We can run it like HNT--comment on my DT post so that others can find you!

Go find them, scan them, and post them. This gives you a week to do that. Tuesday, Sept. 6th. There will be reminders!

(No, this does not replace HNT for the week, regardless of how geeky your HNT might be!)

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