Thursday, August 11, 2005

Reflective HNT

I'm always asked "What the hell does Osbasso mean???" I did a post of this back in January (go here for that post). I think I first came up with it in the mid-80s. I think it was 1985, to be specific. Anyway, I saved my car's license plates each year that Montana has changed them. This is the classic 1976 "U.S. Bicentennial" design. Lots of red, white & blue--just like every other state at that time. I took this with a flash, but because of the reflection of the plate (as designed!!), the rest of it came out darker. Note that M*A*S*H is on the TV, and don't ask me about the hangers over my shoulder.

Early posters are Moose, Cece, Sojourness, Dixie Belle and newcomer (but longtime lurker voyeur) BTExpress. Have a great Half-Nekkid Thursday! Let the games begin!
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