Sunday, August 14, 2005


I'm currently uninspired, and I've seen this used on a couple of other blogs, so I figure I'd give it a shot. Go ahead and ask me a question--any question. I'll answer it as truthfully as I can. Hints--don't ask me about philosophy, politics, books, art or movies. I don't do any of them. And sex questions will get you painfully dull answers, trust me! Anything else is fair game. I will answer the first 25 questions asked. Limit--one question per person. Egan, did you read that??

    25--Number of questions I'll answer as stated above.

    2.299--Number of dollars per gallon of gas at the station I went to today.

    30.10--Number of dollars it took to fill my car with gas today.

    111--Number of bloggers who are on the Nekkid roll this week.

    2.5--Number of hours I took for a nap this afternoon.

    2--Number of songs I have to write horn parts to before Tuesday night's rehearsal.

    3--Number of times I've listened to the new Nickel Creek CD today.

    50--Number of degrees Farenheit the temperature outside is at this moment.

    10--Number of degrees Celsius the temperature outside is at this moment.

    0--Number of readers who really give a damn about this list.

Hope you're all in the midst of a more exciting weekend than I'm currently having!
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