Thursday, August 25, 2005

HNT Scar & Story

That big whitish glob in the middle is my finest scar. It's on the inner side of my left calf, a few inches above the ankle. As per the guidelines--a scar story. Fairly simple. I was out in the hills taking some pics about 15 years ago on my birthday (which really has nothing to do with the story). I was among a bunch of huge granite boulders. I stepped up on a piece that had broken away from the main rock. Sort of like standing on a knife's edge. It broke, I fell down, thinking I had only scraped my shin. There was no rip in my jeans, so I didn't think about it. Until about 15 minutes later, when I looked down and found the lower part of my jeans and my tennis shoe literally oozing in blood. As I lifted the pant leg, I found a 4-inch wide gash, all the way down to the bone. And all the fat tissue sort of glorping out.

Imagine what "glorping out" might look like. Remember the chips from the 80s (don't know if they still make them) that were twice-baked? The TV commercial showed a baked potato, sliced down the center, and the insides sort of spilled out from something squeezing the sides of the potato, and the bag of chips rises up through the center in all its glory. That's sort of what the fat tissue looked like glorping out from the wound. I found a remarkable dirty hand towel in the car, and some baling twine alongside the road. I tied the towel down as tight as I could, and drove the 45 minutes back into town, and on a Sunday afternoon, called the doctor to meet me at his office so he could stitch it up. He scraped a bunch of the fat out, and found whatever skin he could, and gave me 20+ stitches. Lots of pills later, I hardly even limped!

There's my scar story. And my HNT picture. Now it's your turn! Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday!

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