Monday, August 22, 2005

Magazine Cover & Blogger's "Response"

Many thanks to Binsk, who directs us to a site where you can make your own magazine cover! See mine over there on the right. The only downside--you need a account. So all you Mac freaks--go make yourself famous!!! (the rest of you can too!)

On a different matter--I got a "response" from It's copied below. It's a only a response in the sense that it acknowledged that I wrote them in the first place. I would assume that any of you who wrote got the same thing. So the next plan might be to do what I read someone else doing.... If you've got the time, spend a few minutes playing with the "next blog" button. If it's relatively normal, leave it alone and go to the next. If it's a spam site, flag it. While it doesn't address the abomination that the "flag" represents, it gives us the chance to use it for good, not evil.

    Thank you for your feedback about the Flag for Review feature. Please see
    Blogger Help for information about this button and how it works:

    Further clarification about Flag for Review and the actions we do and do
    not take on flagged blogs can be found in our Blogger Buzz post here:

    Note that, as this is a new feature, it is not yet appearing on all blogs.
    Blogs that have not yet been republished, or that are publishing via FTP,
    will not display this button.

    Blogger Support

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