Friday, August 19, 2005

Cleaning up...with censorship??

Wow! What a busy day yesterday! Which screams for some clarification and edification. So without further ado...
  • My shower water--As was mentioned IN MY FIRST COMMENT, and many subsequent ones, the water looks brown. Trust me, it's not. As further proof of the color being a little off, look at my hair. Hardly a gray one to be seen. And we all know that's not true!

  • The Nekkid roll count for this week's HNT is 119. And I had 128 comments at the time of this writing. AND NO SPAM!!! (Start using Haloscan, people!!!)

  • The Myspace people started HNT. It's starting off small, with alot of "members" listed. At last count they had 3 actual HNT pics. Before anyone scoffs at that, I would remind them that this HNT had 5 people for its inaugural appearance.

  • A bit of clarification on Myspace--I wasn't intending that we all jump ship and join up over there! Think of them as a foreign country. Say, Japan. They like our version of, say, "Happy Days". Someone over there creates a Japanese version of it--slightly different characters, different language, different situations. Maybe one of the American characters makes an appearance over there. Like Pat Morita. Then Ralph Macchio. Or Hilary Swank. Anyway, that's what's happening here. I'm just letting you know that there's a different version over in Myspace. To really explore things, you have to get a free Myspace account. Which is far cheaper than paying for cable over in Japan. Aaaayyyyy!!

  • There's another version of HNT out there, too. I got a comment from someone who just got started in "Half Naked Thursdays". It appears to be a very small group of people (mostly young moms) posting alot of pics of their kids' bare tushes. I'm not even sure they're really aware of us. We should probably let them be....

  • A surprise cropped up yesterday, and I DO NOT like it! If you haven't already noticed, all Blogger sites now have a little button at the top of their sites (up there, to the right) called a "Flag?". Upon further review, this is actually a censorship button. Anyone can push that button to "Notify Blogger about objectionable content". WTF??? Who is to determine what is objectionable? Blogger? The public? Did anyone ask for this ability?

    I see a real problem with this as it relates to HNT. Will your site be "flagged" next Thursday? Will Lightning Bug's Butt's writing have to be scaled back (a plug here--he's published a book of his stuff!!!)? The Blogger people have attempted to justify their "flag". You can get to some FAQs about it if you drag under the flag button. It doesn't appease me in the least. I don't have the time/effort/eloquence to fight this in a public way. I figure there's alot of you that do. PLEASE. We need to nip this in the bud as soon as we can! CENSORSHIP IN ANY FORM IS WRONG!!!

I've got a gross post about moths, gigs and spit, but I'll save that for later in the weekend. Hope you all enjoy these last few days before school starts!!!
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