Friday, August 19, 2005

My "Flag" letter to Blogger--FYI; and THANK YOU!

This is what I sent off to I doubt I'll do much more than this. Feel free to plagiarize it, paraphrase it, or anything else you'd like to do to it. Ignore it, too, if you'd like!
    "Without writing an entire essay on the subject, your inclusion of the "Flag" is the absolute worst idea you could have ever come up with. I'm guessing that you may very well lose alot of users if you continue with it. Censorship is a nasty little creature, and I don't think you want to open yourselves up to that debate.

    The "next blog" button is adequate. I don't appreciate ANYONE--a stranger, the government, Blogger, or even any of my blogfriends telling me that certain content might be "objectionable". If an individual thinks it might be, they have the ability to leave a comment telling me so. And they have the ability to never come back to the site again. They even have the ability to express their views on their own blog about how "objectionable" a site strikes them.

    Please reconsider your inclusion of this unnecessary and unrequested feature."

On a different note--I happened upon a HNT entry where they mentioned the "new" HNT site, and questioned if my site would still be HNT Central. I don't think this person intended any negativity, but many of you jumped up to my defense, as it were, and heaped a gob of praise on me and our HNT to the point that my old, graying head swelled to previously unforseen dimensions!! So even though it wasn't necessary, my deepest and humblest thanks to Melanie, The Funky Bee, Queen Of Pink, HS, Blazngfyre, Aughra, MomThatsNuts & Hippigirl! You ladies (and the rest of you!) are the BEST!!!

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